Abseiling is just a great nature experience, and a huge challenge at the same time. The mountain wall we are abseiling is around 40 meters high, which is equivalent to a 16 storage high building. The view over Dagali is amazing, but most has to go down the wall atleast one time before they have time to enjoy. 

We have several possibilities: Sva, flat downhill mountain wall, and overhang. Our experienced guides helps you through a safe start, but you have to be abseiling down yourself. You are all alone at the wall, and thats a challenge for most people. The sense of achievement when you get a hang of it is amazing. 

Abseiling is safe, you cannot fall down, even if you try. But it isnt easy to believe.

The activity takes around 2-3 hrs, depending on the group size. Minimum 4 people. 

Summer offer 2017! Rappelling and riverboard for ONLY 1290,- NOK per person!

Information :

Summer season. May-Oct.

Depending on group size.

12 years
Normal god health.
Minimum 4 participants.

Practical outdoor clothes
Solid shoes, not sandals or high heels.

We provide:
Harness and helmet
Experienced guides
Thorough safety instructions

890,- NOK per person.