Extreme rafting

This is the trip for the toughest of them all. The trip goes through the wildest parts of Numedalslågen, through falls as Surpriser, Five Holes and Ismarfoss. These falls are well known in the river rafting enviroments wide broad outside the borders of Norway.

To participate on extreme rafting you have to have experience in river rafting. The trip goes through falls of grade 3-5 and you must be aware of a swim.

Ekstremrafting - Dagali Opplevelser

Information :

Usually from 1 of june to mid oct.
Depending on waterlevels
Daily trips at 10.00, 1pm and 4pm

Approx. 3 hours

Minimum 18 years
Previous rafting experience
Not affected of drugs or alcohol
Able to swim
Normal good health

Extra underwear
Thermal underwear

We provide:
Wet suit, wet shoes, pfd and helmet
Experienced guides
Thorough safety insctructions
Transportation to and from the river

Good to know
We take pictures of the rafting.
A memory stick with pictures can be
purchased for 250,- NOK
No limitations regarding weather,
you get wet anyway!

1090,- NOK per person.