Water fun

Waterfun for the smallest ones. Fun on the water takes part on the slow parts of the Numedalslågen. We raft through a couple of small falls, and play in the water. The children tries to paddle, swim, play with riverboards and lots more. This is suitable for the whole famliy, and children down to 4 years. You get a wetsuit who keeps you warm no matter what temperature and weather. Join the fun with water adventures here at Dagali Opplevelser.

Gøy på vannet - Sommeraktivitet - Dagali Opplevelser

Information :

Usually from 20th of May to 10th of October

Approx. 2 hours

4 years
Not affected of drugs or alcohol

Extra underwear
Thermal underwear

We provide:
Wet suit, wet shoes, pfd and helmet
Experienced guides
Thorough safety insctructions
Transportation to and from the river

Good to know
No limitations regarding weather,
you get wet anyway!

590,- NOK per person.