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DROP IN GO KART open all summer 10.00-19.00
We have a complete construction with 20 karts, timing equipment and track elements.

We set up Go kart Cup for groups.
In the cup we run 1-2 introductory heats, before we split you into teams and finish off with a team competition.

Go kart is a popular group activity particularly for school field trips and bachelor parties. Companies often has Go kart as an activity during events.
We also offer kid karts. A smaller go kart adapted to those between 8 and 12 years. Children under the age of 8 (has to be 8 in the current year) can because of security not drive a go kart on our track.

NB: You need to bring your own sneakers, you can not drive go-cart in slippers.

When it rains we can not drive go-cart on our track.

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Good to know:

Single heats (6 minutes)
Cup for groups

From 8 years

Not affected by drugs or alcohol

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