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Powerturn Buggy

The activity with laughter garantuee!

Imagine a vehicle that looks like a big gocart with a rollcage. Both back wheels has its independent motor, who is controlled by the drivers with each lever. No pedals or steering wheel.

This means you can perform incredible stunts, like turning 360 around at the spot, and go up on two wheels. And the fun doesnt stop here, two people can drive the buggy at once by using one lever each. The right word is we guess “organized chaos”

The Powerturn Buggy kan speed all the way up to 50 km/h. Due to its unique build up it can with experienced drivers run the track much faster than normal vehicles.

Powerturn Buggys is perfect for team building for both large and small groups. Powerturn Buggy demands very close cooperation between the drivers, and is a fun competition.

Good to know

All year
Minimum 4 participants

Depending og group size

Not affected by drugs or alcohol

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