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Company fieldtrip

Invite your employees to join us for a few days of fun. An annual company trip is a form of reward or bonding initiative for employees to enjoy. Company annual trips can be great escapes from the busy and stressful environments of the office. Employees can finally relax and spend quality time with their coworkers.

We offer a range of unique activities. We are Dagalis biggest activetycenter. We have many years of experience with arranging big and small events for different size and types of groups.

In the summer we offer Rafting, paintball, gocart, car slalom or poweturn buggie. we promise ypu will have a lot to talk about after thees activities.

In the winter we offer snowmobile driving ,icedriving , witerpaintball and our famous powerturn buggie. We are also one of the few companies that offer go cart on ice. We promise you will have a good time with us.

Our activities are suited for everyone. We also arrange catering and accomondation for you. If you want to borrow out bbq and make food yourself that’s also a possibility
We are based on Geilo airport Dagali, that is the old airport with big area for activities.. Nummedalslågen is next to the airport and our famous tippo camp is located next to the river. We also have bbq cabin if you want to have a bbq by the river


We have good deals with hotels and other accommodations instances on Geilo, in Dagali and in Uvdal. Tell us what you want, and we make sure you get a good offer and deal.
Either you want and luxury accommodation with SPA, winetasting and suite on one of Geilos hotels, big apartments and tickets to the alpine hills in Uvdal, cabin for the family or an cheap hotel stay we can help. You can book everything through us for better prices.
Want to sleep outside?
We have a wide variety of lavvoes placed on different locations alongside the Numedalslågen River.

Here you can take swim (if you dare in the cold water), or fish! (remember to buy a licence)
All our lavvos has wooden floors, and some of them has a firepit.
The camps are equipped with keg grills and tables.
It is also possible to order local food from our catering menu!
We recomend you to bring sleeping mats and
a warm sleeping bag.

The camps are suitable for most groups.
Walking distance to showers, toilet and our acitivty base.