Premium rafting

This is our most popular rafting trip, and it’s suitable for almost everyone. 
Our river, Numedalslågen, is the the most technical commercial whitewater rafting river in North-Europe. 

Depending on the water level, we are starting high or mid top at the Dagali falls though waves, rapids and waterfalls. When the water lvl is right. we can stop and jump in the river from cliffs, or stop and surf. 

Numeldalsågen changes alot during a season, depending on waterlevel. That gives us a river with lots of fun sections and different rapids. 

The lower age limit is 15 years (12 years with parental acceptance with signature), our oldest participant so far was 84 years old! We guarantee you get wet with a huge smile!


Information :

Usually from 20th of May to 10th of October

Approx. 3 hours

15 years (12 with parents approval)
Not affected of drugs or alcohol
Able to swim

Extra underwear
Thermal underwear

We provide:
Wet suit, wet shoes, pfd and helmet
Experienced guides
Thorough safety insctructions
Transportation to and from the river

Good to know
We take pictures of the rafting.
A memory stick with pictures can be
purchased for 250,- NOK
No limitations regarding weather,
you get wet anyway!

890,- NOK per person.